• 95% high efficiency
• Metal case, IP67/IP65 design for indoor or outdoor installations
• Built-in active PFC function
• Built-in 3 in 1 dimming function
  (1~10VDC, PWM signal or resistance) for B type
• Suitable for LED street lighting, outdoor LED lighting and   moving sign applications
• 5 years warranty

Model Output power Dimming CV area CC area IP Price(BGN excl. VAT)
HLG-60H-42 60W none 42V 1.45A IP67 53.90
HLG-120H-12B 120W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 12V 0~10A IP67 79.90
HLG-150H-12B 150W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 12V 0~12.5A IP67 84.90
HLG-185H-12B 185W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 12V 0~13.0A IP67 89.90
HLG-240H-12B 240W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 12V 0~16.0A IP67 114.90
HLG-320H-12B 320W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 12V 0~22.0A IP67 164.90
HLG-120H-24B 120W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 24V 0~5A IP67 79.90
HLG-150H-24B 150W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 24V 0~6.3A IP67 84.90
HLG-185H-24B 185W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 24V 0~7.8A IP67 89.90
HLG-240H-24B 240W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 24V 0~10A IP67 114.90
HLG-320H-24B 320W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 24V 0~13.34A IP67 164.90
HLG-600H-24B 600W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 24V 0~25A IP67 300.00
HLG-150H-48B 150W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 48V 0~3.2A IP67 84.90
HLG-240H-48B 240W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 48V 0~5A IP67 114.90
HLG-120H-12A 120W internal potentiometer 12V(10.8~13.5V) 10A (5~10A) IP65 79.90
HLG-150H-12A 150W internal potentiometer 12V(10.8~13.5V) 12.5A (7.5~12.5A) IP65 84.90
HLG-185H-12А 185W internal potentiometer 12V(10.8~13.5V) 13.0A (6.5~13A) IP65 89.90
HLG-240H-12А 240W internal potentiometer 12V(11.2~12.8V) 16.0A (8~16A) IP65 114.90
HLG-320H-12A 320W internal potentiometer 12V(10.8~13.5V) 22A (11~22A) IP65 164.90
HLG-40H-24А 40W internal potentiometer
24V (22~27V) 
1~1.67A (14.4~24V)
IP67 51.90
HLG-120H-24A 120W internal potentiometer 24V (22~27V) 5.0A (2.5~5A) IP65 79.90
HLG-150H-24А 150W internal potentiometer 24V (22~27V) 6.3A (3.8~6.3A) IP65 84.90
HLG-185H-24A 185W internal potentiometer 24V (22~27V) 7.8A (3.9~7.8A) IP65 89.90
HLG-240H-24А 240W internal potentiometer 24V(22.4~25.6V) 10A (5~10A) IP65 114.90
HLG-320H-24A 320W internal potentiometer 24V (21~26V) 13.34A(6.67~13.34A) IP65 164.90
HLG-150H-36А 150W internal potentiometer 36V (33~40V) 4.2A (2.5~4.2A) IP65 84.90
HLG-150H-42А 150W internal potentiometer 42V (38~46V) 3.6A (2.16~4.6A) IP65 114.90
HLG-240H-42А 240W internal potentiometer 42V (39~46V) 5.27A (2.86~5.72A) IP65 114.90
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