• 180~295VAC input range
• Constant current (C.C.) output
• Metal case, IP67/IP65 design for indoor or outdoor installations
• Built-in active PFC function
• Built-in 3 in 1 dimming function
  (1~10VDC, PWM signal or resistance) for B type
• Suitable for LED street lighting and outdoor LED lighting
• 5 years warranty


Model Output power Dimming Output voltage no load CC area IP
ELG-150-C500 150W none 315V 500mA IP67
ELG-150-C700 149.8W none 225V 700mA IP67
ELG-150-C1400 149.8W none 115V 1400mA IP67
ELG-150-C1750 150.5W none 94V 1750mA IP67
ELG-150-C2100 151.2W none 80V 2100mA IP67
ELG-150-C500A 150W internal potentiometer 315V 250~500mA(150~300V) IP65
ELG-150-C700A 149.8W internal potentiometer 225V 350~700mA(107~214V) IP65
ELG-150-C1400A 149.8W internal potentiometer 151V 700~1400mA(54~107V) IP65
ELG-150-C1750A 150.15W internal potentiometer 94V 875~1750mA(43~86V) IP65
ELG-150-C2100A 151.2W internal potentiometer 80V 1050~2100mA(36~72V) IP65
ELG-150-C500B 150W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 315V  0~500mA(150~300V) IP67
ELG-150-C700B 149.8W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 225V 0~700mA(107~214V) IP67
ELG-150-C1050B 150.15W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 151V 0~1050mA(72~134V) IP67
ELG-150-C1400B 149.8W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 115V 0~1400mA(54~107V) IP67
ELG-150-C1750B 150.15W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 94V 0~1750mA(43~86V) IP67
ELG-150-C2100B 151.2W PWM, 0 ~10V, R 80V 0~2100mA(36~72V) IP67
ELG-150-C-XX-DA  DALI control technology
by request
ELG-150-C-XX-DX Built-in Smart timer dimming function by user request.
by request
ELG-150-C-XX-D2 Built-in Smart timer dimming and programmable function
by request